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The Bahamas National Bird, the Pink Flamingo, can be seen on the beaches in Inagua and you may see one walking around at The premier Bahamian event celebrating our 40th year anniversary of Bahamian Independence – Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition. The possibility exists that these birds may be migrating to Nassau all the way from Inagua bringing some Morton salt with them. See you then ????….of course ! Contact us and we will make your Bahamian experience one you will never forget !

Just imagine “chillin” in the Bahamas and experiencing a combined island and city experience. You want to go to the beach ? You want to experience fine dining ? You want a speciaty Bahamian meal ? The Bahamas has it all for you – in all our 700 islands and cays !

AWE Productions Bahamas is bringing it to you ! Not just pink flamingoes, but Sun, Sand and Sea along with beautiful bodies, an awesome cultural environment and beautiful smiles. You are going to love how we make you feel. Why ? Because we are the “Value-Added” choice.


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