We dear you to swim in Bahamian waters …Please !! lol….it’ll be another Steve Erwing I bet …serious !

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The GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 lived a spectacular day of bodyboarding with the best riders enjoying 8-12 foot barrels, at Pipeline, Hawaii.

The first stage of the 2013 IBA World Tour saw the completion of the Round 5 of the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013, with Pipeline coming alive and the Northwest swell building on the Hawaiian reefs.

Charlie Chapelet posted the highest single wave score (9.88) and the highest combined heat score (18.01) in Round 5.

South Africa’s Andre Botha seems to have found great momentum as well, posting a huge 16.75 total heat score in Round 5, driving through long, deep barrels and boosting powerful air-rolls into the flats, showing that he is still a contender to reclaim an IBA Pipe Challenge title.

Antonio Cardoso also had a stellar run from the trials all the way into Round 5 where he was eventually stopped by Botha and Lucas Nogueira.

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