Welcome to the Islands of the Bahamas !!

img src="https://aweprodbah.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/beachbeauties.jpg" class="size-full" alt="
Welcome to the Islands of the Bahamas !!"

The women of the Bahamas are exceptionally beautiful. In beauty, physique and hospitality. Come and join us this Summer 2013 "Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition" in the Bahamas for the 40th Anniversary of our country's Independence. We will be showcasing both men and women on stages across our islands of the Bahamas !!! We will explore and take you on tours of our History, Vacation Spots, Party Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches, and …I can not tell you all just yet !! Come see for yourself !

The men are just as comely and has the talent and physique to challenge any galdiator !!


Paul Wilson-Stubbs, Mystical gym’s finest trainer are here for contestants.


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