Bahamas Financial Inertia ? We know how to propel you into action !

Awe Production Business Card - franklyn munroe

Ok – Here is what’s happening ! I have been sitting back not saying too much. So the boss calls me in and told me to show the Bahamas the Financial forecast for our upcoming event – “Mr. and Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition – August 2013“. I looked at him with my mouth wide open and we fought for awhile and i agreed to disclose the information with a “code”. I told him we Can only giving a piece to people who believe. So tommorow we show you the financial forecast, the social forecast and the April Rain forecast – You going to love it ! Just imagine a Bahamian event streamed live to the world – Chinese, Africans, Indians, Americans, Canadians etc. and then when the event closes, available for subscription at a price.

Let me just say in Latin – “Carpe Diem” – “cease” the day and contact us for the full hundred disclosure! AWEsome opportunities to do something. We think in terms of prosperity,National development and diversification -not just money! Bahamas back again, but with never left – we live here ! Call, text, email or send a pigeon for more information – AWE !


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