Ms. Tami George-Luviner, “Essence Bahamas Magazine Visitor Relations Agent” Will be One of The Spokes Person for the Major Summer Event “Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition 2013 !”…In Nassau, Bahamas !


Officially, On Behalf of Awe Productions Bahamas, our Partners, Affiliates, Sponsors, Representatives and Promoters, We welcome you to our team as Spokes Personality for the Summer Major Event “Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition 2013!”  Tami’s exuberant love for the Bahamas made it easy to choose her from among others in the field when it came to The Bahamas and knowledge thereof. Ms. Luviner has traveled to the Bahamas countless times to put a number to, and each time she takes home a new experience to tell.


Essence Bahamas did well when they chose Ms. Tami George-Luviner to be their Guest Visitor Relations Agent.

Over the years, Tami have brought countless friends, whole families and associates, anyone she can find willing to travel to the Bahamas with her to experience the Hospitality, Love and Culture of Our Country’s people. Their responses are… “we will definitely be back !”

They loved it !
They loved it !
Dinner was so tasteful !
They all said they would be back !


You would think that she would be afraid to venture out doors, but here you see her exploring and asking questions about the sea urchin found in our waters in the Bahamas. Here she is holding a “Star Fish” rarely seen in other waters around the world. Moreover, she is eager to learn more and more about our Culture in the Bahamas, along with how do we as Bahamians view Our Country in general. Undoubtedly, her expressions when communicating demonstrates the pleasures, in which she finds in Our Beautiful Bahamas.




Ms. Luviner believes in true democracy and have investigated Our country’s legal and constitutional laws by which we can claim one of the world’s  smallest Nation, but most peaceful democratic elections held. Hanging out with the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader, Mr. Brandville McCartney, as a friend shows her easy adaptions to any measure of intellect, issue, or circumstances once its in the direction to knowledge of The Bahamas.


Ms. Luviner here is seen visiting one of Our Nation’s Radio Station “105.9 FM. Tami said she believes that what is transmitted by media, Radio, or editorials should be founded based upon principles surrounding what the world views as  Civilized, Decent, and Respectable while Entertaining.

I love you

Daydreaming, all she can do is write “I LOVE YOU” in the sand so that all flying above can see the admiration someone have for The Bahamas. A horse back ride on clean, soft sandy beaches is something you dream about watching a movie. But here in The Bahamas, we let you make the movie and enjoy the scenery while your awake !

horse riding

having a kalik

Cheers !!! …is at the end of everyday in The Bahamas, and who knows about this most…Tami ! She is well-known, actively involved with tour companies, travel guides, taxi drivers, the works, plus, Tami knows all the relaxation spots over the Islands.

Tami lu

Ms. Tami George-Luviner is surely a woman in a class by herself when it comes to her inner passion for The Bahamas. The     zeal by which she places on matters touching the Bahamas is demonstrated in her everyday life, whether she is in the Bahamas or elsewhere in the World.  Tami you are Our “Star Chosen” recipient for being more Bahamian than most people say they are. The Bahamas sure has a Representative it can be Proud of in Ms. Tami George-Luviner.




Tami charity






























Surely, we must not forget Ms. Luviner’s charity work in and outside the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This sets her apart from her counterparts. Tami, she  engulfs herself with our people, their hopes, their dreams and aspirations she shares with real concern. She is unique to say the least and her heart is so pure through her words, actions and deeds. The Bahamas have its friend in Ms. Tami George-Luviner; and We All Thank You Tami from the bottom and contours of our hearts from the Bahamas ! !





Christopher F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe


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