“Ms.Brittania Mitchell,” Nassau, Bahamas’ Young Aspiring Super Model 2012-13.’

Brittania Mitchell, Nassau, Bahamas' Young Aspiring Super Model 2012.

The Bahamas has seen over the years many aspiring Models take to stages around the commonwealth, Caribbean, and Internationally. However, what they have not seen,  is a ‘young woman so poised to draw the international viewers attention each time she appears.‘ Ms. Brittania Mitchell, she began her career well before she knew she would be in demand as a Fashion Model. She prides herself in being one of  ‘Oilin Coakley’s’ (Choreographer), prize possessions when it comes to Models in demand.













Ms. Brittania’s Pure Beauty “Emanates” from her Strong Personality for being Successful. She relies on her Up Bringing, Her Family Values, and Critics the same,  to ‘Generate her Positive Attitude in her field of work. ‘Simplicity is so elegant is mostly her words.’  So said , so done.  ‘Ms. Brittania Mitchell,  has Proven what her Tenacity, and Strong Commitments can Achieve.’


In 2012, Ms. Mitchell was Crowned, ” Ms. Super Model Bahamas 2012″ by a unanimous panel of judges. Since her crowning she has Served in Her Capacity Well;  by her Professionalism, Intellectualism, and Character in the Social Public’s Arenas. ‘She is to be keenly watched in the near future.’


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‘Ms. Brittania’s  Run-Way appearances are always an ‘awe aspiring feeling to watch.’  Her Strides are Fluid, her Body Motions are Natural, a Woman of Substance, ‘with much more explosion to come.’





















But even in the midst of all her busy schedules, Brittania finds time for family and friends.













In her down time, she is Our Bahamian ‘Young Super Model’ still. Whatever she is doing, ‘You could tell she is a queen in herself.’





Family and friends all want to surround her with love when she is around; all want to be that special one…why, because’she is Naturally talented, Smart and Special too.’


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Though she has arrived at a place in her Modeling Career, ‘Brittania Mitchell remembers Home, and how to be Human.’ This the Bahamas could be “fond of in her,” that she is Grounded in Good Values, and Cultural background.


We Congratulate you on your many Achievements and Accomplishments Ms. Brittania Mitchell; and We the Executives at  Awe Production Bahamas, our Partners, Associates, and Sponsors recognizes your endeavors and We support you. We look  forward to working with you in the near future.


C.F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe




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