“Junkanoo Expo With Christopher Moss & Bianca Nygard”…”The Queen of Junkanoo 2012-13, By The Valley Boys.”

The Bahamas has actually seen great legends of Junkanoo rise and fall, and some have left this earth too soon through the ages. Fortunate for us, we have “Mr. Christopher Moss” still with us, and his Sons, to train and instill in our young and old alike, the real gist of Junkanoo and its cultural importance. The importance in which he places on Junkanoo is convincing enough that Junkanoo was the spirit that gave our people the will to go on. His vivid details of how the “Valley Boys” were “the original Junkanoo Group” and every other group thereafter came out of the shades. The “Saxson  Superstars” “the most placed group in Junkanoo”; Roots the most competitive musical group ever; and the “Music Makers” with “their classy styling of rhythms and bounce.” The list went on and on with no dull moment. You just have to come and hear his stories and watch him work.

Christopher Moss teaching the basis of pasting and what makes a unique piece or custome.DSCF0906


With the  knowledge in which Mr. Moss retains in regards to creativity, designs and structuring principles concerning Junkanoo are astounding. With Bianca Nygard as his student, Christopher Moss and his apprentice, his son Dexter Moss, they make it  an easy talent to learn, and that’s what  makes his Expo enjoyable and educational every Thursday Night at El Greco restaurant, West Bay Street.
Mr. Moss can be seen as a conservationist, he believes in procuring our National heritage and African cultures by ever-increasing the realistic natures of costumes that are displayed in today’s Junkanoo Parades. Moss’ experiences while creating signet designer costumes each year, he has become not only an Icon but a Master Paster and Craftsman. He can build virtually anything in replica forms. When asked what makes a Junkanoo Costume relevant and why realistic…”when people can relate to something that is subconsciously dormant in the spirit, the sounds of our drum beats moves the soul in a frenzy and therefore, a costume must exhibit the action of the heightened spirit and this is why we have flexibility in costumes today.” Mr. Christopher Moss, his passion for our ancestral culture demonstrated through Junkanoo, taught his sons the Art of Junkanoo, its historical application in the lives of all Bahamians as it culturally applies; and its conservation as an identity of Our People in The Bahamas.

El Greco
El Greco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Bianca’s understanding of patterns was enough to give to participants ideas and styling of their pieces that they were pasting. This amazed everyone !



Together their passions ran wild the entire night with laughter about how Junkanoo makes the soul erupts with the ecstasy of the designs and Drums that sound as if they are call our slave ancestors.


Everyone had something to do or paste after the stories of whence Junkanoo came. Excited, eager and ready to put hands on our National tradition was the mood, ” thanks to Ms. Bianca’s humor throughout the night which made it fun.”



…and encouragement was always on her lips the entire night try this or that way..its ok !


This was the reward of patience, these were happy people afterwards with their learning to paste the right way. You should come this Thursday !!… and experience the cultural environment.





At the end of the evening everyone was joyful and happy they came. For the cultural experience hands on, and being in the presence of two Icons…”Christopher Moss and Bianca Nygard.” Now if that isn’t a combination, then what is ? You get to enjoy both History and Elegance in one. Perfect for the “somewhat boring” Thursday Night. So come out and socialize while Christopher Moss and Ms. Bianca Nygard intrigue you with the Tales and Culture aspect of Junkanoo…and hey ! $ 25.00 should be trivial when compared to what is taught by Mr. Moss….atleast I thought so.


DSCF0994 DSCF0996



Bianca Nygard’s fervor and passion for The Bahamas Junkanoo Festivities was just maybe, but now I see for sure, is in her Blood.  She have promoted, given generously of her own and have tirelessly campaigned for this Expo each Thursday at El Greco. Insofar as Junkanoo, our ancestral striving, Slave dancers demonstrating through Junkanoo dances and much more… she spear heads religiously. She is to be admired by all Bahamians…and so, here goes to” Bianca Nygard” >Ms. Philanthropist Bahamas 2013″ and ‘Christopher Moss, Junkanoo’s  Legendary Paster and Pioneer; and an Icon among the Valley Boys.’


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