‘Acknowledging ‘Ritelia Claudelle,’ A Bahamian “Rising Super Model”‘

In the Bahamas, who would have thought, that there exists Bahamian Models suited for International Run-way Stages. Well, here, we present to you Bahamian Super Model “‘Ritelia Claudelle.”  Her name, as her beauty, exhibits Uniqueness and Elegance. Our paparazzi caught her in a moment on our lovely shores sun bathing, and what a soothing sight it was to see.  Softness, on white soft sand. A match made in heaven. Ritelia’s essence alone was the brightness of the sunny day and flashes for the camera. Mesmerized by the beauty she creates with her personality,  is much more than what a camera can capture.   

8932_272306815176_7554396_n7420_309573410176_4337145_n30537_10150177490145177_2760500_nBahamian Ritelia

Ritelia’s ability to portray whatever  the camera demands, is a skill she has natural ability to achieve. Her easy-going style and relaxation when she is in her moments are like none of her peers. She has her own way of making  a statement with her ability to capture the eyes of the beholder.

De’Anna Ritelia Claudelle Wallace, is Twenty One Years of age (  21 yrs. old), born on  June 19th, 1991. She  began Modeling in the year 2008,  with the likes of “Arclight Studios – Mr. Simon.”  From that moment,  she admits, she knew it was something she would always love doing.

 Ritalia has had  the pleasure to work with “Supa Mario,” ” Scharad Lightbourne,”  “ICandy Swimwear,”  “Leo Creary,” “Vado Culmer – VC  Photography,”  “DeAdroun Dames – Famous Studios” and “Owen Elliot.” Just to name a few of the elite fashion professionals in the Bahamas Modeling industry.

halle berrynatural RitaliaOffice ritalia

Ritelia’ Claudelle, she has been compared to that of Super Star Actress “Halle Berry” in resemblance, and have been praised for her Simplicity which is so Naturally Elegant.

Fiery Ritaliahalle ritalia

With her sense of what the camera wants to capture, she easily changes her character to suit the moment. The depths of  ‘Ritelia’s’  eyes are enough to draw in with light breath, and a gentle breath out.  From the looks she adorns on the souls of watchers any man or woman can be hypnotized through her comely beauty.

Ritelia JunkanooJunkanoo ritaliaRitallia@2

When it comes down to passion, tenacity, charm and the list goes on…The name…Ritelia Claudelle comes to mind. There isn’t a Model in the world that you can say looks better in total comparison to Ritelia.  Ritelia is the Bahamas Real Deal.

archlight RiteliaBeachqueensRiteliasunbathing Ritelia

@2Ritelia Just RiteliaRiteliaNatural

Ritelia’s down time moments are caught with her natural glow of gorgeousness. Again, why does simplicity have so much elegance, I guess it was made for people like the “Angel” here…Ritelia Claudelle.

Black suede@2Black&whiteRiteliaBlack suede Ritalia

Elegant RiteliaRitelia OrangeSexiest Ritelia

With the glamour and prestige in which she produces for her clients by adorning their apparels, each clientele has a different applaud to give. She is so eloquent; she is charmingly magnificent and words only used to describe Royalty. Ritelia is in fact, Our Newest Bahamian Rising Super Model. The Bahamas is producing some of the worlds most exotic and lovingly sexy, intelligent and Extravagant Models of today.


Here is to Ritelia Claudelle, the best is yet to come from her rising career.


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