Come On !! If We Are Gonna Get There In Time For The Event In August !! Cause Am Not Missing It !..Honey ! Wait On Us…You Joking Man I Gone !! They Talking Beach Bodies Bey !

kayaking is here

Beach Body Commercial AdBeachBody_flyer front 3

The Bahamas is getting Ready !  To Host an Event this Year that will change the landscape of Marketing in the Bahamas… and ‘NO ONE’ wants to miss it !!

However, if you think you will miss this Summer Blazing  Event, “Tami George-Luviner” will get you here ! Tami, she is an American-Bahamian-Home Girl indeed.  But Tami, she rather you address her as a  “Bahamian-American-Home Girl.”

Tami FacesDSCF1095DSCF1112


When Tami is here in the Bahamas, she is a known individual by many,  if not all, to be a Bahamian . She is loved by her colleagues and friends. Strangers are amazed at the excitement she stirs when she is around people. She enjoys a good laugh and ‘her spirit jolts with her enthusiasm when she describes any new findings she discovers here while in the Bahamas.’



Don’t you want a travel correspondent who knows what you’re looking for; and who knows the people, their language and culture of the country where your headed ?  Well, no other will we advise any traveler to contact other than,  “Ms. Tami George-Luviner.”  She is a “Personal Charity to The Bahamas”  in her Natural Essence.  She would invite an ocean of sea water here, if she could fit it in our lovely beaches so you could have more ! when you arrive in The Bahamas that have more than 700 beaches !!…Lol….We  the Bahamian people can only actually love you Tami,  for your admiration  you hold for Our Country and your heart-felt desire to share your experiences with everyone you meet. To have them come to the Bahamas is more than any ambassador has done. Thank You, we appreciate you “Ms. Tami George-Luviner.”



Tami’s many personalities lets her fit right away into our Social and Cultural Society. Her love for the children and our people, is almost unmatched by the pure, loving and caring spirit she exuberate when dealing with them.




If you had someone, who you wanted to travel with and have tons of  fun, it would be someone like “Ms. Tami George-Luviner.”  So, if you have Kids, you love the Outdoors, you like having happy moments what you can talk about ?  Hey ! just contact  “Tami”  Our Bahamian sister over seas. She will guide you through all the pot holes of traveling to the Bahamas. This goes without saying, that she will bring you from “Timbuktu,” or from “Antarctic,”  because Tami knows the Submarines courses;  flights; when will the whales be traveling; even the birds that migrate. So, she will get you here No problem !  And,  if you have a hard time finding her by email or phone, send a pigeon she have that courier service also !  Tami is just so efficient in every area of your travel plans and that’s why we wouldn’t trade her out for the rest of the world. “She is our Jewel in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas with many faces of Love…”


Tamibigsexy            With smiles that can reflect a thousand expressions; a heart molded by the hands of God with Love; and with a free-spirited soul, Tami is the most unique individual The Bahamas has embraced;  and most traveled visitor thus Far to our Bahama Land shores.  Ms. Luviner, she knows what you desire of your vacation in Paradise. Let  “Ms. Tami George-Luviner”  be the choice in travel planning assistance this Summer if you wish to travel for the Summer Event (“Mr. & Ms. Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition 2013”)  in The Bahamas;  or,  at any other time.  She is undoubtedly the best companion to have plan your trip to the Bahamas. Anything other than that.. the  decision could be ludicrous !!


*Travel With Tami and … ‘You will be Just Fine !’


By: C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe.


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