Newly Released: “DEATH TO MY ENEMIES,” Album BY: J.Grindz is Finally in Stores “This August 15th, 2013.”


“The  Heated and Awaited Release Of “J.Grindz’s” “Death To My Enemies” Album August 15th, 2013… Must Get !

The long anticipated “Death To My Enemies”  Album By: J.Grindz, Owner of, and by, and through Grey Market Records,… is finally here !! Release Date set for August 15, 2013.

This Album is like no other produced in The Bahamas by a Single Producer Net Working with other Engineers. “Death To My Enemies” Album, it’s actually, a mixture of hardcore Rap, Sexiest Grooves, and just that Real Gangster Bubble if you consider yourself a “G.” The Bahamas will see the versatility of their own, raised and born Bahamian performers and compare their Standards to our Foreign Counter-Parts. The Great Choreography, I would say of the Album’s lay-out, reminds you of nothing you have heard before. Simply, “Crafty and Selective.” 

The Album will Feature Artists like:

  • Rapp Quelle
  • Topz
  • Blood Bath
  • Mr. Deedz
  • Greneka
  • Dro Capone
  • Dolomic
  • Blessed
  • Jah Levi
  • Dumbo

Production were done By:

J.Grindz (Jamaal Dawkins) 

Zoltan Johnson 

Co-production were done By:

Ovadosa (Muy Bey Dem Crew)

“Death To My Enemies” EP will be Released August 15th, 2013 !

This album is the type of album that will deserve and call for numerous Reviews; and there will be some Critics. Nonetheless, this Album will adjust the Status Quo of  Bahamian Music in The Bahamas. This Album is a Repeater. Over and over again you will want to listen to its Rhythms and Lyrics. A Must Buy !!! Get It This Summer 2013. Look out for the RELEASE DATE 08/15/13.

Grey Market Records, ‘A J.GRINDZ Production



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