“Bikers R Us !… We Do What The Competition Wants To Do.”

We have taken the marketing arena here in the Bahamas to higher heights. With our team of Certified Marketing Agents and Analysis with their degrees, we perfect our work and work detailings. Our teams are made up and derived from professionals with certifications in what they do. With over twenty years in the field and continuing, we do what no other can do. Don’t believe us, give the opportunity. We give you value added to your product, business, market ventures and more. Whatever it is, we do it, or we know how to get it done. Period.   

We provide Visual Art Services on call, and we do this expeditiously. With knowledge of practical and onsite applications, we produce the effect you are expecting and sometimes we Äwe” you with new concepts never seen…We have a tendency to “AWE” you…’

There is no degree of work we cannot handle and we do our work efficiently: 

 1) Advertising concepts(we come up with your logo/theme); 2) Product and Event Concepts(concept ideas for your event); 3) 3D construction and logo designs; 4) branding of product( we market your business or theme to a household name; 5)  television and radio ad concepts(commercial themes/ideas for product); 6) Product and Event Hosting Services(provide hostess and host where need be); 7) Mobile Visual Concept and Marketing Solution; 8) Portrait; 9) Ceiling and Wall Painting; 10) Airbrush Applications on any surface and Designs; 11) Repairs and mechanical paint jobs and designing surface solutions. 

Bikers Heaven is with us because it feels like paradise laying on a newly designed custom bike; a repaired crashed bike that comes back as if it was never in an accident, or your bike continues to have engine problems and wham ! the right mechanic touches it”…these are feelings of euphoria for a biker. We have taken our years of experience and compiled a variety of different components that incredibly enhances just about anything we touch or design. Our team is effective in helping you decide what you actually like and what would you like to achieve from any idea you may have concerning your mechanical machines, whether Cars, Boats, Buildings or Bikes, we help you make the right trending decisions,

Contact us for more information at:

Philip Wallace, (Design Specialist and Graphic Artist (Certified)

Tel: 1 (242) 467-1710

Christopher F. Stubbs, (Marketing Director)

Tei: 1 (242) 448-5763

Hours: 9 a.m to 7 p.m



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