Sir. Lynden Pindling’s Politicology of The Bahamas.

The Bahamas was orchestrated as a “Commonwealth,” indicating that the wealth of the industries, natural resources, and assets be commonly shared among the inhabitants of the chain of islands which comprises The Bahamas. Obviously, the transitional environment have spawn new beasts in the field of Politics. Nothing is common among men anymore. The hopes and the dreams of being in a free striving society, with government transparent and professionalism prevalent, assistance for any citizen in determined dire needs, education free and health care have all but become a mirage. What was to be a society with the ability to do as they will, independent of influences foreign, now have become once more subservient.

In recent years the Bahamas has seen tremendous changes in Administrations all of which utilized their offices for financial gains. Nevertheless, each had used what I call “Pindling Politicology” in gaining their respective offices. Having gained their offices the ministers then lost focus on the theory that they were selected to accommodate the citizens that elected them to office.

Pindling’s politicology that led us to independence is the foundation of our Nation. Though many prodigies have tried to imitate Sir. Lynden, but can not replicate his tenacious and accepting personality, rather they botched themselves in controversy.  The miraculous mannerism in which Sir. Lynden used to invite patrons to the Bahamas; got them to invest in the Bahamas; and convinced them to purchase interest in the Bahamas through investment opportunities beneficial to the commonwealth is a curriculum many have tried miserably to reestablish. However, who is listening but those who remembers the first principles of Sir. Lynden’s legacy which is the people first then seek yours. We live in a real world and it can not be said that any candidate who attains office would not seek out to establish financial stability within his or her working capacity. This is realistic and anyone would agree. Those who differ may be already financially stable, but the commoner still struggles for an opportunity which he or she sees the political arena as a place for perks, glamour and financial gain if appointed to office. Interestingly though, before office their cries were, look what they’re doing with the people money.’

Notwithstanding that Sir. Lynden was called up to the Commission of Inquiry on suspected involvement in racketeering within his capacity as Prime Minister, he never was found guilty on any of the accusations alleged by the one and only Hubert Alexander Ingram and company to the United States Intelligence Agencies. [id].

As it stands now today, every political administration that have evolved did so from within the progressive liberal party or, from members who left disappointed.

Mr. Branville McCartney is also a by-product of both parties. He resigned from the FNM (Free National Movement) disgruntle because he could not do as (he) saw fit while appointed Minister of Immigration under Hubert Ingram’s Administration thereafter the 2007 elections. Not to say the least about him, a great majority had seen the resignation as though he stood as a man and not a puppet of his party’s leader, Mr. Ingram.

These members have tried desperately nothing less, to disclaim that Sir. Lynden’s methods in creating a society with opportunities were a genius with honest intentions towards the masses. Interestingly, they get lost in the fray of diplomacy and contingency plannings are absent in their decision making process’. Therefore, they are left scalded with embarrassment; seen as an abuse of trust politician; and a show of personal intent to gain financial assets. Wherefore, in the eyes of the public they are as merely opportunists to seize power for their own benefits.

It is known or at least suppose to be known that, governance is to provide humanitarian assistance, where this is absent, it is therefore mainly an opportunity to seize power.

What Sir. Lynden did was that he made sure that the “Nation” endured a season of prosperity by allowing the citizens of The Bahamas to create their own dreams by the opportunities made available. Those who took advantage of the season has subsequently made the Bahamas what it is today. However, it is not as Sir. Lynden had envisioned now as a result of the paper soldiers now holding office for their own amusement.

No more are the opportunities for Bahamians first, only that they exist. Nor are the laws incorporated into our constitution where it protects The Bahamas from foreign political aggression through financial influences. Consequently, monetary bribes destroys the decent at heart who first had the right intent to do good by the people.

Under the Progressive Liberal Party’s dogma of Sir. Lynden, though there arose times when his actions were put on world stage, Sir. Lynden stood as a man not as a puppet and his administration was firmly behind him. Not as you see today happening within the political parties. Who told Dr. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the opposition to allow Mr. Andre Rollins to join the FNM (Free National Movement)? Many see this as a bad decision.


Rollins intent is mainly to cause disruption within that party as he did in the party that recognized him as a potential, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Rollins many say is still seeking his own identity and his charisma to politics is like a bar room wino that speaks his mind not conscious of who is listening or who it offends. Some says he still carries a gift to the political arena that keeps the fire under the feet of some politicians. But is he loyal to any one party or just to his endeavors is yet to be transparent.

Truth be told though, the political situation here in the Bahamas does need I must admit, changes that would relatively hold a politician to the stern and make them liable for their offices mandating incurring penalties. Maybe if Sir. Lynden had placed such liability on ministers during his approximately 27 years at the helm of government, things would not be as it is today where politicians enter the political system with merely funds to cover their living expenses but leaves office with millions of dollars. Politicians now has taken what was learnt from Sir. Lynden’s politicology  of politics in The Bahamas applications and ran in the opposite direction from the people clutching the government’s pouch allotted [by the people.].

Effecting these obligations of liability upon politicians I believe will sift out the real potentials from those who just want a title and opportunity to seize diplomatic powers. An opportunity that many have come to government to achieve in spite of the fact that they too lived once under a system that was inadequate which called for the change.

The Bahamas has came through the ages by and through the dreams and aspirations of Sir. Lynden Oscar Pindling, who had undergone pains to bring Bahamian minorities to a majority rule. A power placed in the hands of the people knowingly that that power were in the hands who could have changed his ideals for our country. But for 27 years the people of the Bahamas saw his ideals most important to the stability of our economy and livelihood among our neighbors. History of Sir. Lynden’s majority rule struggles. From this point it should have been clear what the Bahamas stood for and what it should be striving to attain.

Which party has Sir. Lynden’s theory of politicology in The Bahamas is readily seen though their party may be under flames consequent of an unrelenting leader who consensus say should step aside.

Whether any party will ever reestablish what Sir. Lynden did with the Bahamas as a whole may never be achieved through being politically incorrectly stubborn, but with patriotism…it’s possible.’


The Bahamas will again endure prosperity when it goes back to basics and apply the right dogma of the first Progressive Liberal Party’s mantra for which it stood under Sir. Lynden’s Politicology of The Bahamas governance.


C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe


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