At Rock of Ages Funeral Chapel, The Condolences Are Real.’

In the world we find ourselves today, any day can be a time of lost, sorrow and pain  for a family. At such time families either fall apart or they come together. The needed support from all members of the family are sometime obtuse and separate through different feelings of lost and pain. For losing someone loved is devastating and at “Rock of Ages” they know this, moreover, they understand.’


At “Rock of Ages,” where it is a family ran business, they know of these difficulties and are there to support all families at such time of lost and suffering. By providing soft, caring, compassionate and financial support at every phase of preparing a family to be separated from a love one for the very last time. Their team of professional personnel, will with understanding of a family’s demeanor at a time of lost, take added measures to ensure that the preparations are observed with the utmost respect and dignity.

Rock of Ages provides all aspects of requirements by law for families and coordination of services:

a). All Certificates (Medical, NIB Insurance & Death)


b). Family Counseling


c). Financial Support


d). Ceremony Choreography


e). Burial Plots


f). Designer Coffins (Infant & Adult)



g). Headstones


h). Clothing & Accessories


I). Make-up Artist


J). Transportation & (Carriages)


K). Floral Arrangements.


l). Video Recording  (Record Memories)


There is not a circumstance or issue that is not considered by this long standing, recognized and respected establishment that will go unattended. They have been there countless times and have weathered many storms with families who lost a loved one, and have prided the establishment for their beautiful services of true condolences demonstrated by professional staffers.

Under renewed management, “Rock of Ages Funeral Chapel and Crematorium” has taken the initiative to consult the future by providing a facility that basically satisfies all needs relative to planning your loved one’s funeral ceremony while your family members rest a moment to endure the lost of a love one.

The concern is all ‘Rock of Ages’ whom is more than capable to completely satisfy all needs and relativity related to your sending away of your love one than most of its competitors in the business. They get the service done in an efficient and dignified manner that can be respected and appreciated.

It is therefore in my opinion, that a company as such, ‘Rock of Ages Funeral Home,’ that provides every detailed provision for families that looses and have lost a love one is in fact… ‘a company you can trust for satisfaction.’

Contact them when you need understanding.’

Corner off Wulff Road & Pinedale

P.O.Box N 4538

Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: (242) 322-1431

(242) 676-9580

(242) 323-3800

(242) 428-3215

Trained staffers are always available to assist you around the clock.’ Therefore, if you are ever face with the dilemma of losing someone you love, just pick up the phone and contact ‘Rock of Ages Funeral Chapel and Crematorium’ who will be and have always been there to serve all your immediate needs.




C. F. Stubbs. Awe


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