When it comes to the music industry in the Bahamas, I can tell you the story of who really matters in the industry.

From interacting with Terez Hepburn, placing her on her first wax Album (“Oh do you know how I love you so”) was her break through record on “Fari Production Records” in the music industry in the mid 80’s.

Also, combating with Charles Carter, Kelsey Johnson and ZNS’s directors since 1983 to promote reggae music on our radio air waves was the first start of the reggae revolution movement on radio in The Bahamas. In the light of Bob Marley’s visit to The Bahamas,

Nassau Bahamas was not entirely ready to allow or introduce the Rastafarian movement inside the Bahamas during the 80’s. Rastafarians hard a very difficult and almost impenetrable barrier to cross to be identified. These times are all but gone today. One should raise a glass to Fari Productions board of Directors at such time in the 80’s who were, Wade McKinney, Benson Roberts, Daniel Wilkinson, Andrian Major, Marvin McKinney and yours truly, Christopher Stubbs, for our contribution to the development of the music industry in this Commonwealth of The Bahamas as pioneers of music.

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Even though it was Fari Productions early attempts to curtail such disadvantages against Bahamian mainstream artists, Fari productions fizzled out with the death of two directors and its radio station program “Entertainment Jamz” going off air in the mid 2000.

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But enough of history for now, since the advent of the music era, many talented Artists have come about that have international inclinations. However, their talents are stifled by a volatile music industry here, that merely caters to the “who do you know.”

Other producers and engineers have began cracking open doors nevertheless to main stream Music industry personnel that can promote, educate and manage local talents. This has been a revolution brewing for local talented Bahamians.

I will make mention of a few worthy to mention Artists that have earned their keeps in the music arena of this Bahamas and am just touching on the Regggae, Rap and Hip-Hop genres.

Tamari, MDeez, Miz Breezy, SheMilly, Chase Fernander, Patrice Murell, Therease Hepburn, Padrino, Julien Believe, KB, Charles McDonald, Blood Bath, Dumbo, Blessed, Rap Quelle, Dolomic, Ovadosa, Dro Capone, Chronic, Blitz, King Jumpa, Porter -dapoet and many others but I mean, just to name a few that have been impressive with their musical Art in music.

One in particular though, that in my opinion is “da next big ting !”, and I make this serious mention, moreover, she is truly an ambassador of The Bahamas, it’s Miz Breezy.’


Underrated in many respect where she should be commended; left out of mainstream music promotions simply because of who she may not know is unfortunate for so much talent and leaves much to be desired of the industry.


Miz Breezy, Marva Williams is a natural when it comes to concepts of commercializing her Bahamian culture, way of life through her music; and an artistic ability to confer educated messages through her skills as a drummer.

Miz Breezy has champion a life style of music from as early as in her teens. A native of Freeport Grand Bahama, and Nassauvian raised I would say, has been making a tremendous impact in the Music Industry. As one of the “livest” if not the livest “hostess” I have seen in years! She exuberate her audiences each time with her uniqueness.

In the last two years approximately from what have been monitored of her journey, she has become a well sought after ‘Hostess.” Her ability to get her audiences actively involved is phenomenal. She knows their pet pews, their demeanor and acts upon it quickly and with fusion. Her ability to bring something new each time is based I believe on her uniqueness of being a quick thinker and freestyle genius. Interestingly, she is also an upcoming Hip Hop Artist. Miz Breezy lips are quick with cute  phrases, relativeness and commonalities people live in each day. An awesome sense of awareness for a Hostess.


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In actuality Miz Breezy has made her entrance into mainstream entertainment basically with out the necessary tools that mogul record and entertainment industry companies utilize to create their personal characters for radio or international scenes for entertainers. She is tenacious, committed, a known Bahamian fan and heritage. She is no doubt poised to get her true break to greatness. As one would say in the proverbial sense …” a Rose out of the concret.”

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Miz Breezy have been the face of companies as well;

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have made jingle songs for company commercials and more. What is it that stops her accomplishments? She has deserved her right to be here and to promote professionally as an ambassador for The Bahamas. Doing it almost single-handedly basically with her team of course of grass root supporters; and lets not forget her personal engineer King Jumpa who is an aspiring versatile producer and engineer.


Miz Breezy has earned her stay to exist among those who knows how to educate, entertain and host.

An Artist and Host that also have brushed shoulders with most of the to know persons in the entertainment industry in the Bahamas and have in the past done musical collaboration with same.

Congratulations as in Our opinion, Miz Breezy is and should be the most looked after Hostess and musical Artist in the immediate. Much success to you Miz Breezy from the Executive team of Awe Productions Bahamas.




C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe




  1. Excellent overview and commentary! This truth, if gotten out there, will serve as justification of your position as an original period pioneer, in the development of the music industry in The Bahamas.

    If I could make a suggestion it would be to get on a talk show to share this period of our rich history tied in with the genesis of the Rastafarian movement….bringing on several of the original rastas would help to reach the marginalized – (many of whom have Rastas in their families).

    In so doing, you can subliminally market AWE productions events. AWESOME!!! I would like to help you develop such a radio program and expand my views with you.

    Don King.

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