The Bahamas is moving forward looking new breed in the industries of entertainment.

AWE Production Bahamas


When it comes to the music industry in the Bahamas, I can tell you the story of who really matters in the industry.

Since the advent of the music era in The Bahamas, many talented Artists have come about that have international appeal. However, their talents are stifled by a music industry here that lacks resources to adequately push talented persons to stardom; but that merely caters to the “who do you know? Tushay.’

Other producers and engineers have began cracking open doors nevertheless to main stream Music industry personnel that can promote, educate and manage local talents. This has been a revolution brewing for local talented Bahamians who are sizzling with talent.

I will make mention of a few worthy to mention Artists that have earned their keeps in the music arena of this Bahamas and am just touching on the Regggae, Rap and Hip-Hop genres.

Tamari, MDeez, Miz…

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