How a Bahamas Beach Changed my Life ?

There I was sitting on a Beautiful Beach, unemployed and with one Bahamian Dollar in my pocket. A brother came up to and said “Hey, let’s make a millon”. I was taking back of course, until he explained how. “Well, We create a uniquely Bahamian event, Mr. and Miss Beach Body Pageant Competition, stream it “live” to the world at a fixed fee and also have the content available after the event for a fixed fee. Then we sell Bahamian food, Bahamian music, Event Paraphernalia and sell commercial time to companies who would like domestic and international exposure. Oh ! and also we expose the world to the diversity of all our Bahamian Islands.”
accounting image ii
Being a visionary and financial person, I immediately was sold and began to forecast the possibilities and hear is what I saw: An Annual Multi-Million dollar event for the Bahamas, Employment for thousands of Bahamians, increased sales opportunities for event sponsors and vendors and an opportunity for the event winners to gain world-wide recognition . Well , Mr. and Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition is coming this August 2013. We want you to be involved.

Soft white sand with crystal clear water gushing to shore.
Soft white sand with crystal clear water gushing to shore.

Now I’m proud to be the Chief Financial Officer of AWE Production Bahamas, the company that will be bringing you this awesome event for years to come. AWE Production Bahamas is a Bahamian company specializing in unique marketing strategies, event planning and financial services for event planners. We invite you to call, text or email us for any future information on this event or about our services.

C.Franklyn Munroe
Chief Financial Officer
Tele: (242) 558-5231

Awe Production Business Card - franklyn munroe


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