‘We, The Producers of The “Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas Pageant Competition 2013” Wanted Everyone to Know That this Summer… “Beaches” are Gonna be “…’Sizzling with Bodies Cut from Marbel Stones & Carmel delites !!” Oh, and, ” The Gladiators Have Come To Paradise !!”

Commercial PosterCommercial Poster

This Year, The Producers at Awe Productions Bahamas has set its course for a Paradise. The Bahamas ! We will be showcasing the most Unique and Beautiful Bahamian Themes, Dancers, Junkanoo Groups, and most of all…*BODIES TO DIE FOR !!*

Our Gladiators will be looking like these stone builders…I mean, body builders and fitness gurus from around the country who will be there !


They all, both “Men and Women” will resemble -(cut bodies/abs)- that will reflect, what hard work and dedication can achieve. If  you think that you stand alone, you are unique, intellectual and knowledgable about the Bahamas and would serve well as the First “Mr. or Miss” Beach Body Bahamas..Then,  this event is just for You ! Be challenge with the Beauty and Physique of the Bahamas showcase of a cascade of both men and women  who will exhibit what it is to be a “Beach Totally Fit Body” you should see on our shores when your in The Bahamas !


gladiator headsup niggas workit mysonawesomestuff beachstuner Sexy Yellow bikinihandsupabs Tammy_Stubbs_2_ cuttat tryntimes yogaposestrechout

This event is in August 2013, and if you feel that you need a little more to obliterate the competition, head on over to Mystical Body Fitness Gym and see ‘Paul Wilson-Stubbs’ “Mighty Mouse” (personal trainer),  who will give you a “Prickle Patch training and workout  session” that would give an edge over the competition.

Event Picture

splitsmodel Bahamian swimsuit girls stonebody

Now, are you ready ? Take a close look at these Bodies and if you know you could, or will be competitive,  feel Free to join and participate this Summer 2013 ! This will no doubt be a “Knock Out Event !”




If you don’t believe me, then you’ll have to wait to watch it “LIVE STREAMED FROM US, TO THE WORLD !” Or, simply come over to The Bahamas, have a “sky Juice in a Coconut, dangle your feet in the clean clear seas, and roll around on clean sandy soft beaches this August 2013.’


could be in bahamas

relax and have a drink




Ha!, Ha! Ha! …’see, some have arrived already !’


Come Join Awe Production Bahamas this Summer for the Event of The Summer “Mr. & Miss Beach Body Bahamas !”


Beach Cropped Photo

joyful moment on da beach














“Yeahhhhh !!!!! It’s A Beautiful Bahamasssss !!!!!”


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