“Bianca Nygard”…”Philanthropist and Bahamian Patriot”

Bianca Nygard "Woman Of The Bahamas 2013"
Bianca Nygard “Woman Philanthropist Of The Bahamas 2013″

Awe Productions Bahamas is proud, if not elated to say, “Bianca Nygard” has been voted Awe Production Bahamas  “Woman Philanthropist of the Bahamas  – 2013.” Bianca Nygard’s love for the Bahamas and its people have been consistently manifested in her passionate involvement in charitable, social and cultural events. Her passion for the less fortunate spills from spirit. She is a woman of Elegance, a Strong Personality for Justice and Peace amongst All people. She is an entrepreneur, as her Father is, in many respects. She has patronized many charities, cultural events and gave to the less fortunate. Bianca has always been an observant of political Government rules and fair play.

“Bianca Nygard” is surely one to go after her heart. The Bahamas has rarely seen a woman with such elegance and grace  come to common residences to hear complaints and issues relative to their country. Her non-discriminative role in our society exemplifies what humanity describes as the “Love of God”. She is Talented, Intellectual, Elegant and she is Awe Production Bahamas “Woman Philanthropist of The Bahamas – 2013.”

nygard cay

Bianca grew up many years  on their “Fantasy Island” in the Bahamas – Nygard Cay. This undoubtedly inspired her emotionally to grasp the essence and culture of our cultural dance ceremonies , particularly “Junkanoo.” Her Father, Peter Nygard, Fashion Mongol, his fantastic Cay which is created from all natural materials is unbelievably a dream paradise in the sun and have played host to so many – they are too many to state here alone –  is an artifact in itself baring talent, skills, imagination, and beauty. The creation of the Cay no doubt was the training ground for Bianca in her creativity in everything she does.

The love and passion for Junkanoo is as if she created the event.Without cultural assimilation there would not be unity in the Bahamas. Bianca believes in experiencing new cultures, such a one as Junkanoo.

Without cultural assimilation, there would not be unity in the Bahamas. Bianca believes in experiencing new cultural experiences, such as Junkanoo. The love and passion for Junkanoo is as if she created the event herself. There is hardly anyone more enthused about the Junkanoo costumes and the music.

I just love Junkanoo !! don't You ? The Bahamas Mannnn !!! Ya gat to love it.'
I just love Junkanoo !! don’t You ? The Bahamas Mannnn !!! Ya gat to love it.”

Bianca Nygard have also visited with Bobo Shanti Rastafarian Followers in The Bahamas; and when she visits “One Love” is constantly on her lips. She understand that though we may be from different walks of life, we all share a common goal in this humanity, we all are “Created by One God”.

Social assimilation is key to unification of the masses. 
“Bianca Visiting With Bahamian Bobo Shanti Followers.”
And she lets nothing stand in her way of getting things done.
“And She Lets Nothing Stand In Her Way Of Getting Things Done.”

Bianca has learned many things that places her “Outside the Box” of the normal Bahamian woman. Though she is Elegant and from Wealth , she allows herself to be like the normal citizen and she is “hands-on”, which is so unique. She is simply down to earth and “Crazy Cool”.

A lover of family brings great value to essence.
A Lover of Family Brings Great Value to Her Essence in The Bahamas.

Bianca Nygard, The Choice Award by Awe Production Bahamas “Woman Philanthropist of The Bahamas – 2013″ goes to you without reservation. Congratulations from our Board Members, Partners and Affiliates.

Yours Truly,

C. F. Stubbs, CEO., AWE

AWE Production Bahamas


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