‘Mrs. Linda Christina Stubbs, ‘A Woman of Persistence.”


This is a story from known first hand experience with Linda Christina Stubbs.

Having worked with Linda Christina Stubbs in the mid 80’s, I was her brother-in-law at the time; Linda owned then Linda’s Ruffle Elegance in the Star “Plaza,” Mackey Street, Nassau, Bahamas, this was her first Business as I know.  ‘It was trying times back then.’ Linda came up with a brilliant idea, that she would bring a new concept of drapery style to the commonwealth of The Bahamas. These draperies everyone will want because she would make the idea grow on the customers. Guess what,’ that indeed she did.’ Linda’s Ruffle Elegance took off like a star ship and became one of the ‘most in demand type of drapery’ in a matter of two years. Linda’s fluidity in showcasing her products always woe’d the customer. Delightfully, they believed in her opinions, choreography of colors and patterns, and before you knew it, they wanted it.’ Not because Linda was good at what she did, which she is, but because she made customers understand the meaning of her styles and work, and how applicable they were during the time to come, into a future before fashion arrived to that juncture. Can you comprehend what I just said? Well neither can I, but Linda could.’

Taking one achievement as a success nonetheless does not give right to deprive the other components that make things possible as obsolete. Rather, makes for failure.  Such was the case with Linda’s Ruffle Elegance. We, and I include myself because I was a skilled wall-paper layer and installer of Mini Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Draperies, along with Linda’s then husband my eldest brother Daniel. When the continuous success stories rolled in, the company became relaxed not being conservative with spending; but this was a first business and one could expect some down falls; errors in some judgments of course; and plain out silly choices; which lead eventually to Linda’s Ruffle Elegance closing its doors to the public.

Amazingly, because of her zeal Mrs. Linda quickly recuperated from the experience of loosing her first business and went on to  become a personal designer consultant; import Agent for almost anything or everything ranging from furniture jewelry, to artifacts.


Linda has stayed true to her love, that’s her passion for her work and family time and commitments.




Mrs. Stubbs, has raised three children and have done so with pride; provided them with appropriate education; and, respectable mannerism. A woman who rejoices in the success of her offspring, ‘one must be speaking of Linda.’ Actually, she have more than a story to tell, which I would do her so much injustice to even attempt to point out all of her achievements. ‘But, of course, this is my story.’ Therefore, whatever I unintentionally missed out, you would need to get the rest from her;  for am just elaborating on what I felt should be known about Mrs. Stubbs.’

She’s taken also a keen concern for her first Grand Child by her eldest daughter Danielle.



linda inlaws

Thinking that this would be days filled to the point where there is no room for more activities for Mrs. Linda, No.’ She is a pioneer as compared to her peers. Mrs. Stubbs, is also an activist in may respects. Here she is pictured with The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers wives, Mrs. Christie and Mrs. Davis in front of Parliament during the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Women Suffrage Movement.’486976_488953677794791_1911518841_n


I mean, how many things can she do at one time and still stay focus on her targeted goals is astonishing. But again, she wears the cape. The woman of substance, culture and know how; her charisma and pursuit for real and true success, have brought us all to this moment to know Mrs. Linda Christina Stubbs.

She is surely a Bahamian Patriot in her essence;292296_545298332160325_30263041_nLinda takes also the presentation of our Junkanoo culture very serious, which she have been active in for many, many years. Mrs.Linda had become the epitome of Junkanoo culture in The Bahamas being crowned with acknowledgement as”Queen of Junkanoo.”







Thinking that this would totally engulf her, No. She designs not only her own costumes; linda3402440_10150492508831166_1832526847_n384554_10150492508486166_732114556_n

and Linda designs our Country for the annual Independence Celebrations.


The writer admits , to fully cover Mrs. Linda Christina Stubbs’ achievements is just too many to name here, and would need a part two to this amazing story of a woman of talent and reputation. Our Company salutes Mrs. Linda Christina Stubbs on her many achievements thus far, and encourage her ambitions to reach its full potential. Salute!



C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe


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